Titan Masterminds Celebrates 5 Years & Here Are The 5 Lessons We Learnt

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February 26, 2019
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Titan Masterminds celebrates 5 years! Thank you to all our clients, partners, employees, suppliers and stakeholders for all your support in this amazing journey.

Here are 5 key business lessons we learnt in the last 5 years:

1. Get clear about who you want to serve?

Who do you love to serve? Why do you want to serve them? Customer-centric companies enjoy 2x higher revenues than companies that are not.

2. Develop a deep empathy for your consumer.

Identify the client’s pain, understand market trends and propose a solution that plays to your strengths.

3. Get Paid to develop the pain killer solution.

Don’t develop the solution first. Understand some of the best practices in the world. Get mentored by people already achieving the results you want.

Your ability to connect the dots between the market, your consumer and best practice is what is the key to success.

Pre-sell the proposed pain killer solution – to your target market. A pain killer solution is something that solves a key problem for your ideal client. This will stop you wasting time developing a product that no one wants!

4. Feedback is the breakfast of champions

Take regular feedback, see where market trends are heading and Innovate. We were not afraid to test new products.

Kill products that don’t work. Iterate the ones that do, tweak them to deliver even more value.

Pivot your business model if you need to.

5. Build and clarify the vision and strategy

Our vision in the next 10 years is we want to empower 1 million entrepreneurs through our Masterminds to Grow to #10Crore Revenues in a Year, create 10 million new jobs and do our bit to power India to the 5 trillion dollar economy by 2025.

To find out more about how we help business owners Mastermind to get unstuck and unlock the hidden potential so that they can build great businesses.

Message us to get invited to a Mastermind meeting near you.

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