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October 28, 2018
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November 7, 2018

Leadership and management are often used interchangeably. In reality, they both are very different.

One of the key distinctions to be a successful entrepreneur and really grow your business is the distinction between leadership and management.

“Leadership is all about the heart. Management is all about the head”

“Leadership is all about principles. Management is all about the process”

Let’s look at leadership in a little bit more detail.

I want to look at 3 specific aspects of leadership. These 3 aspects will help you build a strong culture which is the foundation of every successful company.

When it comes to leadership, I think there are 3 key things that you need to have in place.

1. Be clear about the Vision

You need to be very clear about your vision. How will your company contribute to the world? Which is the mountain that you want to climb?

How is it that you and your company are going to make a dent in the world?  How are you going to impact the world?

Vision is all about something which is external. It’s outside of you, so that’s a key, an important distinction.

Titan Masterminds clear vision is to inspire and educate 1 million entrepreneurs to elevate their purpose, passion & profits to make the world a better place

Titan Masterminds Vision

2. Vision and Mission are distinctive

Often, I have seen people use mission and vision interchangeably, but let me give you a better distinction between the two.

A mission is all about what you as the company wants to do. It is more internal-focused.

For example, at Titan Masterminds, we want to be the number one educational institute for entrepreneurs.

That is the mission that we have. We have a very clear mission, and that is the difference.

A vision is more external and how you are going to contribute, whereas a mission is how are you going to get up that particular mountain. The mission gives clarity about how we will achieve that vision.

Once you have decided which is the mountain that you want to climb, then you decide how you are going to climb?

Your mission really helps your teams internally get very clear.

It helps them set milestones. If you look at the milestones along the way are the goals that you want to achieve on the way up there.

3. What are your values?

Now, the last thing that you want to get very clear about is what are your values?

Who are you going to be as you go up this particular mountain? How are we going to arrive?

How can we be the best versions of ourselves as we go up this particular mountain?

That’s all about values!

If you are able to articulate these things.

If you are able to share stories around this, then this is a very powerful way in which you are able to have impactful leadership.

You are able to develop your team, your tribe, and be a leader out there in the field.

So tell me, what is your vision? How is it that you want to make the world a better place?

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  1. Aluri Prasad says:

    Nice one. I am regularly reading your mail.

  2. N Shankar says:

    Nice article, Neeraj.
    I would like to go with the definition of vision and mission as per one course that I attended –
    Vision is the purpose for which the organization exists.
    Mission is like milestone to achieve the vision. It changes after the present milestone is achieved.

    Your Value Statement is interesting. Please elaborate on it.

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