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February 16, 2019
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February 28, 2020

There have been many lessons in my entrepreneurship journey. I was recently interviewed by Kashyap Karnala- the founder of Findmymentor.com. Learn some of my key business mantras that will help you get more leads, generate more cash flow, market better and even franchise your business along the way.

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Here are timestamps of some key Business Mantras:

4:25 – How Neeraj started his entrepreneurial journey & 2 Important business lessons from his family.
11:00 – A Key Marketing Lesson To Grow Faster
15:00 – The importance of your Unique Serving Proposition
21:00 – An important tip for market surveys so you understand what clients want
24:00 – How Neeraj started his BNI journey
28:00 – Why things started slowly for BNI India
33:00 – The watershed moment when BNI India’s growth exploded
38:00 – How To Successfully Franchise  a Business
40:28 – Key Misconceptions About Franchising
45:00 – How you can grow your brand quickly
48:00 – 2 Elements of Telling A Compelling Business Story
49:00 – The Best Practices For Using Networking To Grow Your Business
50:53 – How to Remember Names In A Networking Situation
55:00 – 4 Levels That Every Entrepreneur Will Need To Upgrade Themselves
56:00 – What is An Entrepreneur
56:47 – The Productivity Formula
57:49 – The 5 Things Every Entrepreneur Needs To Focus 90% of Their Time On
1:00:01 – Building A Marketing Funnel
1:01:00 – Scaling Up A Business
1:05:00 – The Difference Between A Mentor & A Coach

What did you learn from this interview that you can apply to your business?

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